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VanWyn is developing a disruptive aircraft technology that will save clients millions of dollars and significantly reduce risk compared to space satellites and industrial drones.

We call it the "Sitallite" because it will "sit" in the sky (indefinitely) as a substitute for a "satellite".

With this innovation, VanWyn seeks to become a global leader in delivering high-altitude platform services.


Satellites, drones and other platforms are essential for security, safety, communication and control.

Satellites have enormous cost, complexity, and risk with unpredictable asset lifetime. 

Alternative aircraft have limitations (flight time, range, power, payload mass, etc.).

Success in commerce and Defense requires effective and resilient connectivity for all systems (land, sea, sky, space)



VanWyn is developing the “SITALLITE” -- a geo-synchronous high-altitude payload platform capable of maintaining a stable position in the sky to support client payloads indefinitely.

Our craft will provide the same services as a satellite or aircraft, along with all new features and benefits, to maintain cross-platform connectivity for dramatically lower cost, complexity, and risk.


The Best of Both Worlds:  
The benefits of BOTH a satellite AND an aircraft,
WITHOUT the drawbacks

Our craft will serve as a nexus for all communication platforms within a 1,000 km diameter range (1 Million square km cone of coverage)

We offer the consistency, altitude, and scope of a satellite...
... along with the flexibility of any aircraft...
... without many of the drawbacks

- Save millions in payload launching, maintaining, & insuring
- Save millions more in payload design and testing
- Deploy in mere days (instead of months of years)
- Hold stable position in the sky for indefinite operation
- Order-of-magnitude more electrical power, payload weight, coverage area, flight range
- Operate for years (instead of days)
- Controllable take-off, flight, and landing
- Automatic flight and operations
- No risks from rocket launch, space debris, air traffic, weather, or birds
- Pay-as-you-go subscription service 


A rare opportunity for market disruption

  • $1 Billion+ revenue potential
  • Established markets with high demand
  • Lucrative sectors including Defense, Commerce, Data Security, Communications
  • Urgent, inelastic need
  • Substantial margin and growth opportunities
  • Patent filed
  • First-to-the-gate
  • All components are proven, patent-expired technologies
  • Subscription revenue model for predictable and consistent returns, and easier client conversion


-  Replace Most Satellites and Drones
- Provide True Global Coverage at Low Cost 
   - Democratize communication
- Clean up space orbit / Improve Safety
   - Remove anything that doesn’t need to operate up there
- Space Tourism without Endurance Training
   - Gently fly (20 km/hr) to the edge of space and spend time above any desired region
   -  Begin the Era of Wireless Power Transmission
   -  Beam energy to and from aircraft, cities, regions, and countries
   -  Democratize energy availability
   -  Beam to and from Earth, moon, satellites, planets, asteroids, Lagrange points
   -  Profitably escalate to Kardashev Type-I Civilization

The Sitallite operates in an entirely different environment: the stratosphere (altitude of 15 miles / 25 km / 80,000 feet). The craft will fly up and hold position far above weather, birds, and air traffic, but also well below the dangers of space such as satellites, meteors, and space debris.
The Sitallite provides coverage over a vast region of land or sea. The blue circles in this map indicate the range which a single Sitallite craft can survey. In this example, a collection of Sitallites could provide substantial coverage over the Arctic region for science, navigation, search & rescue, and commerce.


- U.S. Patent Granted (US20180294870A1)
- Patent also Filed Globally (WO2017059545A1)
- Broader I.P. Strategy Developed
- Peer-Reviewed Scientific Paper Published
- Numerous Strategic Partnerships Formed
- Government Support Enlisted
- Competitive Start-Up Incubator On-Boarded
- Prospective Customers Engaged
- Markets and Channels Identified
- Media Exposure  (see Vanguard Magazine)
- Detailed Development Plan and Budget Prepared
- Small-Scale Demo Model Constructed and Flown 


VanWyn is seeking more strategic partnerships for investment and development support to scale operations and achieve next-generation component and prototype builds.

We look forward to hearing from all interested parties to explore sharing in this exciting investment opportunity.  


You probably have many questions!  We have much more to share.  

We are looking forward to hearing from potential investors and strategic partners.

Connect with us to learn more and get involved.

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