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Our world is changing ...

Average global temperatures are on the rise, and the inescapable conclusion is that human activity, namely emission of greenhouse gases, is the cause.

The dangers of a changing and unstable climate are numerous, and threaten global health, safety, food security, and economic and political stability.

Many changes are needed to reduce our carbon footprint, curb emissions, and remove pollutants already up in the sky.

The impediments to a solution are also numerous, including costs, political will, misinformation, and ideological opposition.

We are up for the challenge!

VanWyn is passionate about developing and promoting innovative technologies that will help achieve these vital goals to improve and stabilize our world.

We are currently working on some exciting projects to help connect those doing the work (students, teachers, professors, researchers) and those seeking solutions (government, industry, investors, employers).

We look forward to sharing our progress in the near future!

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